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Celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony


Due to the Church fire, we are currently not accepting bookings for weddings at St James.

Please check back at a later date for further updates


On behalf of the Parish Community of St James', Brighton, I would like to congratulate you on your decision of Holy Matrimony.  We are pleased you have chosen our Parish Community to celebrate this sacrament in and be assured of our prayerful support in your time leading up to your marriage.


Below is our information regarding celebrating your Sacrament of Matrimony at St James Brighton:-


An Agreement Form is available to be sent to you after your deposit has been confirmed with the Parish Office.  Please read these details carefully to ensure you understand the conditions of having your Sacrament of Matrimony at St James, Brighton.  If you are happy to adhere to these conditions, please complete and sign the Agreement Form and return it to the Parish Office no later than 3 weeks after the Parish Office has confirmed receipt your deposit.  If the booking is not confirmed, it will be deleted from the diary.

STOLE FEES  - Holy Matrimonial Ceremony or Nuptial Mass & Your Celebrant

A donation for the use of St James Catholic Church for 2014 and the foreseeable future is $1500.00. A deposit of $750.00 (of which $250 is non-refundable if booking cancelled) is required to confirm the date and time for your Holy Matrimony.  The deposit must be paid before a booking can be confirmed and the Agreement Form will then be posted to you to complete and to be returned signed. The remaining $750.00 is to be forwarded at least 1 month before the Sacrament has been celebrated.

The Fee covers, adminsitration, set-up and tidy-up costs, use of the Church and gardens for one and a quarter hours and add-on costs associated with making St James available to you.

Celebrant’s Stole Fee:  A payment to the Priest officiating at your Matrimonial Ceremony or Nuptial Mass is usually made.  As a suggestion, a donation of between $300 - $400 is customary.  This donation is paid directly to him.


Direct Deposit is now available at the Parish Office.  We are happy to accept payments by Visa or MasterCard.  A $5 admin/processing fee is incurred for each transaction.  Cheques and Money Orders should be made payable to:  “The Parish of St James”.

If you prefer paying by Direct Deposit, our Banking details can be provided.

1.    When completling your transcation please ensure your Reference is your SURNAME and the DATE OF YOUR HOLY MATRIMONY.  

2.    After making your Direct Deposit Payment and on confirmation of reception of your deposit the Agreement Form will be made available to you from the Parish Office.


We ask that no confetti, rice or flower petals etc be used in the Church or on the Church grounds.  Bubble blowing is permitted.


Legal requirements state that two witnesses, at least eighteen (18) years of age, be present at the Holy Matrimony celebration and sign the Government Register and associated paper work.


Flowers for the day are arranged by the Parish.  The colour scheme is always white and cream or in accordance with the Liturgical Season.  Decorations during a Liturgical Season cannot be removed, relocated or tampered with in anyway.  This includes Parish Christmas Decorations from Christmas Eve till the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Any and all Flowers remain in the Church and may not be removed. There are NO flowers in the Church during the penitential Season of Lent. Pew Decorations are not permitted.


It is the responsibility of the Bridal Party and their Families to ensure that you and your guests behave in a manner that is respectful of the Church and the Sacrament of Matrimony.  The drinking of alcohol or smoking on the steps, forecourt area and grounds of the Church is NOT PERMITTED.


Only a Catholic Priest or Catholic Deacon registered as a Matrimonial Celebrant in Australia may officiate your Ceremony.  You are asked to invite your own Parish Priest or Priest friend to officiate.  If by 6 months before your celebration of Holy Matrimony you have not found a Priest, please contact the Parish Office asap.

Your Matrimonial Celebrant acts on behalf of the Commonwealth and the Catholic Church and is responsible for the following:-

1.    Official Papers/Documents
Your Celebrant will explain what Certificates you need and will complete all the documentation for you.  It is important to contact him promptly as “The Notice of Intended Marriage” must be completed not more than eighteen (18) months and not less than one (1) month before the celebration of Holy Matrimony.

2.    Matrimonial Ceremony or Nuptial Mass
This is a faith issue, which you need to discuss with your Celebrant before making a final decision.

3.    Matrimonial Preparation
These programs are designed to open up many issues, which contribute to a successful, happy and lifetime Holy Matrimony.  There are several available.  Your Celebrant will guide you in your choice.

4.    Holy Matrimony Liturgy (Order of Service)
Since Holy Matrimony (Ceremony or Nuptial Mass) is official liturgy of the Church, it must be in accordance with “The Rite of Holy Matrimony approved for use in Australia”.  Your readings must be scriptural – from the New Jerusalem Bible.  They cannot be poems, reflections etc. no Helen Steiner Rice, Khalil Gibran etc.


You can arrange to have the Church Bells rung for your celebration.  To engage the services of our Bell Ringers, please contact Pat Cole on 03 9557 873103 9557 8731 or Robyn Silver on 03 9592 395603 9592 3956 

There is an additional fee; payment is made directly to the Bell Ringers, for this service. 


The St James’ Organ was inaugurated on Sunday 29 June 1902 & restored in April 2001. The Organ is installed in the Gallery at the Liturgical East of the Church.  The St James’ Organ is an Anderson 1902, restored by Stewart Organs in 2001. It has 2 manuals, 12 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical.  For pictures of our beautiful Organ and details of its history and restoration, please visit:

We are pleased to recommend our Parish’s Musicians:-

Vocalist/Cantor - Kate Kennedy:  Kate studied music at the Conservatorium, Melbourne University, majoring in voice and education.  Although having a background in classical voice, after completing her degree Kate worked in professional music theatre, as well as singing with a number of vocal groups covering a range of styles from contemporary theatre through to jazz and popular music, performing at many festivals throughout Melbourne.  Kate currently teaches Voice at Lauriston Girls School and is a member of the St James Community with two daughters attending St James Catholic Primary School.  Kate has sung at many weddings as both a soloist and as part of duo with Elizabeth O'Hanlon, well known for her Cabaret and Theatre work. Kate offers a variety of repertoire presented in a traditional yet sophisticated and contemporary fashion, enhancing the service by complimenting the individual style of each couple.  Kate can assist in sourcing other instrumentalists.  Kate’s contact number is 0419 377 8590419 377 859

Singer/Cantor & Organist – Jason Geraghty:  Jason is the Organist, Choir Director and Cantor at the 9:30am Sunday Mass.  Jason is an accomplished musician and is very familiar with the Church Organ at St James and he has a license to use it.  Jason’s repertoire is extensive with a classical and contemporary background that is suitable for Holy Matrimonial celebrations.  Jason is available for all types of occasions.  To contact Jason please telephone 0466 098 2090466 098 209.

To engage the services of either Kate or Jason, please contact them ASAP to confirm their availability and make your musical selection.  There is an additional fee for the Parish Vocalist, Singer/Organist; payments are to be made directly to them and to any Musicians, for their service.

Portable keyboards and recorded music (CDs or IPOD) are permitted and can be set-up by you on the day of your Wedding. A CD Player with an IPOD Docking Station can be connected to the Church’s Sound System and is available upon request.

String Quartets are permitted and setting up can be arranged on the day of your Holy Matrimony celebration.

PLEASE NOTE  It is the custom here at St James and it is highly recommended, that all singers and musicians bring all they require for their contribution to your Holy Matrimonial ceremony.

Should you wish to use other Musicians please call the Parish Office prior to engaging them so we can ensure your musicians will not inconvenience any other Matrimonial party on the day.


To ensure the smooth running of your Holy Matrimonial ceremony, please ask your photographer to consult with your Celebrant before the ceremony.  One Professional Photographer and one Professional Video Camera operator may take formal photographs in the Church.  They must agree to follow standard Church practice to be discreet and not enter the Sanctuary area during the Ceremony or cross from side to side distracting the congregation.  They may photograph during the Ceremony.  Artificial lighting is not permitted in the Church.


In fairness to all concerned on your Holy Matrimonial day, we ask that you be mindful of punctuality, any delay beyond 10 minutes is totally unacceptable and disruptive of other Matrimonial and Church Services.  Late arrivals may result in musicians and bell ringers being unable to provide services for your Holy Matrimony and a shortened ceremony.


Holy Matrimonial Rehearsals are optional and usually arranged on a Thursday afternoon/evening, during the week prior to your confirmed Holy Matrimonial date.  The Rehearsal must include the Priest officiating at your Ceremony.  Once you have confirmed your Priest’s availability, please call the Parish Office to arrange a mutually convenient Rehearsal time for your Holy Matrimonial Party.  


If you wish to cancel or move your Matrimonial Booking, you must do so in writing.  Your Deposit will be returned (less the $250 administration fee).

To avoid inconvenience or confusion on the day of your Holy Matrimony it is a good idea to arrange all of the above well before the day.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alison at the Parish Office on
03 9596 133403 9596 1334 during Office Hours (9.15am to 3.00pm – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday).